2018-2019 Lectures

We offer three official meetings each month, on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of every month.
 Workshop/Introduction,      Social evening,      & Main Lecture(Guest Speaker)

All meetings start at 20:00 and last approximately 90 minutes.


  • Saturday, 26th January 2019.

Winter Exhibition and Public Event

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 19th February 2019.

Rachael Hamp (Open University) will be speaking on 'Enceladus and other Icy Moons in the Solar System!'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 19th March 2019.

Dr Megan Argo (University of Central Lancashire) will be speaking on 'When Galaxies Collide!'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 16th April 2019.

Mathieu Isidro (SKA Organisation, Jodrell Bank) will be speaking on 'The challenges of the SKA project'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 21st May 2019.

Dr Rhian Jones (University of Manchester) will be speaking on 'Asteroids - Exploration and Exploitation'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 18th June 2019.

Professor Ian Robson (STFC, Royal Observatory Edinburgh) will be speaking on 'It’s a Hot Big Bang Universe: the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 16th July 2019.

Dr Mark Hadley (Macclesfield Astronomical Society) will be speaking on 'Current Trends in Astrobiology'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 20th August 2019.

Annual Summer Exhibition

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 17th September 2019.

Professor Isobel Hook (University of Lancaster) will be speaking on 'The Extremely Large Telescope Project'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 22nd October 2019.


Red Lion, Goostrey

  • Tuesday, 19th November 2019.

Peter Williamson (FRAS, BBC Radio Shropshire Eye on the Sky) will be speaking on 'Using remote access observatories for public education and access to off world data'

Goostrey Village Hall

  • Tuesday, 17th December 2019.

TBC () will be speaking on 'TBC'

Goostrey Village Hall


Local observing sessions
We hold regular observing and imaging sessions at dark-sky sites across Macclesfield.


Weekend field trips
Learn more about our observing field trips where we observe the night sky in all its glory.


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